Powercoders Turkey

The first project of the Foundation is Powercoders Turkey. Powercoders Turkey is implementing an education program in web-coding for underprivileged people and providing job opportunities for each participant. The goals are:

  •  To bridge the gap between underprivileged people and the workplace through potential employers.

  • To build on the need of the industry for motivated, talented young professionals.

  • to modify the perception about refugees and underprivileged people within companies.

  • To coach the participants through all development phases until the signing of a stable work contract.


We encourage refugees to engage in the host country's working environment


The Lift Foundation has initiated and co-founded Powercoders Turkey together with Powercoders Switzerland and has brought in CSR Turkey as the Turkish partner which is implementing the program. The team has developed key partnerships with:

  • Nisantasi University to host the program in its walls and to integrate the curriculum in its continuous education program

  • Turkish companies such as Turkcell, interested in hiring participants of the program.


We provide them with information about the culture of the host country.